Raw Beef Brisket Buying, Preparing, and Smoking Tips 

Raw beef brisket is likely tough, biggest and most challenging piece of meat you might smoke. It certainly is the finest barbecue cut that you can cook for your large gatherings!  Therefore, it can be difficult for a beginner to choose the right type of brisket, preparing and smoking it. You don’t need to panic; … Read more

What Flavor is Tiger’s Blood, Exactly?

What is the first thing to come into your mind when you ask yourself about the exact tiger’s blood flavor? I think it’s “tiger’s blood, “ probably a bit salty if you try to be realistic.  But what about the tiger’s blood syrup taste then? The short answer is, “it’s sweet.” Contents0.1 So, What Flavor … Read more

Skitles (Skittles) – Info, Shopping Guide, and Offers

Who doesn’t have endless love for the sweet-tart candy, Skitles— “Skittles,” when spelled correctly?” Most of you might have grown up enjoying these fruit-flavored, chewy candies. But do you know all about these sugary treats?  Skittles are the chewy candies available in vibrant colors that let you “taste the rainbow.” The heavenly flavor refreshes your … Read more

Doctor Pepper (Dr Pepper): Info, Shopping Guide & Best Deals

Doctor Pepper soda company has come a long way. It has been in the market for 137 years, striving and thriving in the competition with its new flavors and improved formula.  The original flavor of Doctor Pepper was not only the favorite soda of the grotesque-looking Lizards but loved by everyone around the world. The … Read more

What’s Best Salmon Internal Temperature? You didn’t know It!

Do you want to know, “what’s the best salmon internal temperature when done fully?”  We’ll cover the debate now.  Yes, it has been a debate for decades. USDA recommends that fishes attain an internal temperature of 145 degrees when you cook them using any means. Contrarily, the cooking experts think that looking for such a … Read more

At What Temperature is Meatloaf Done? Complete Guide

Meatloaves don’t need much introduction as they’re well known for being the traditional food at family dinners. And, when you cook a meatloaf, it’s done at 160 degrees internal temperature.   This meaty goodness is uncomplicated to be the best centerpiece at the meal table, but sometimes it can be a dry and crumbly disaster at … Read more

“At What Temp to Pull Brisket off Smoker?”

Do you want to know at what temperature you can pull brisket off the smoker? The simple answer is, “as soon as a bamboo skewer, when probed, slides into it as if it were the refrigerated peanut butter or butter rested at room temperature.” What? Have you been hearing that you can remove the brisket … Read more